Nisyros, one of the islands of the South Aegean, is essentially a cone rising nearly 700 metres above sea level, stating its identity: the newest large active volcano in the Aegean Sea. The "volcano" is not only the popular Stefanos crater, which dominates the centre of the island. The whole of Nisyros is a volcanic edifice. Each stone on the island owes its birth to volcanic action, each of the hundreds of layers of rocks forming the island was placed there by some volcanic eruption.

The great variety of the composition and shapes of rocks that build the island, the extensive and easily accessible natural incisions and the wonderful climate throughout the year make Nisyros an open-air geological museum. In addition, it is the only active volcano in the Aegean with such a rich flora and fauna. With continuous habitation since prehistoric times, Nisyros hosts numerous monuments of culture. It is a paradise for every visitor who respects and loves nature, a place that combines in a perfect way natural beauty, history and cultural tradition.

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